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The JAG Remedials Story


JAG Remedials Ltd was born from a family of already well experience tradesmen. We started off as your simple maintenance company, but as time has passed we've allowed ourselves to grow as a business and expand to what has now become our speciality, Remedial works.


5 Reasons to use JAG Remedials:


  1. Fast Quotation - We aim to have all quotations delivered to the customer within 2 working days.

  2. Competitive Prices - We pride ourselves on being very fairly priced, and we are always willing to accommodate any budget.

  3. Trusted & Reliable - Our reputation is our greatest asset. We take great pride in hearing we've been recommended by someone.

  4. Certified - We use experienced surveyors who have over 25 years of knowledge behind them. We also provide guarantees for specific works, that are approved by mortgage providers, giving you peace of mind.

  5. Problem Solvers - In the unlikely event a problem does occur, we will always come back and rectify it for you. We never leave a customer unhappy and always work with you to solve any issue.



About Us

Our Team
Alan Gregory
Director / Manager

07917151550 -

Jessica Gregory
Company Secretary / Office Manager

Alan is the beating heart of our company. Alan has over 30 years experience in the property field. He has worked in almost every position possible in the building game, ranging from trainee plasterer, foreman and even company director. He has found his role as Project Manager his most successful, as he can keep an eye on all sections of the company and guide it in the necessary direction. He has a reputation for being very fair and can solve almost any problem you put in front of him. His main aim is to always please the customer and our feedback shows that he very rarely fails to do so.

After gaining great experience in the property field working for Jones Lang LaSalle in property management, Jess now uses that experience everyday when dealing with any customer service enquiries or administrative issues. Jess is the first point of call for all our customers and helps them throughout the entire journey of working with us. If you have any issues, queries or would like to know more about the work we do, please contact Jess & she will take you through this.

Meet the rest of our team!

Here at JAG we have an ever growing workforce of well experienced tradesmen, who put quality at the very top of their priority list. Our friendly workforce are here to help you in any way they can, and we pride ourselves on finding solutions in difficult situations, with independent minds not seeking the help of management to fulfil the task at hand.

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